Additional Resources For Our Clients

Since 1984,

South Coast Community Services (SCCS) has strived towards creating a safety net within our communities. Although we have helped numerous individuals, there are still many often left behind, abused, neglected, or underprivileged youth that deserve a second chance at happiness. We want to let these individuals know that SCCS is an organization they can come to for help. We can provide client mental health resources, including homeless shelters, food banks, transport, tutoring, vision assistance, or clergy links.

Requiring mental health help can already be a struggle, so there is no reason to worry about all other aspects of life that we can assist you in overcoming!

Our mission statement is to provide care, counsel, and coaching for children, teens, adults - and their families. SCCS gets this done through our core principles and values: integrity, respect, nurturance, perseverance, service, and fiscally sound service. As long as we are helping those in need, our team is fulfilled and grateful.

People helping at a food bank

Food Banks

A food bank is a non-profit organization that collects and distributes food for individuals and families in need. They act as food storage and distribution locations for smaller agencies such as “food pantries,” which you may see going around directly helping feed the community. Their goal is to provide those with hunger a reliable resource to get some food, whether for the day or they can donate a sum amount for you to keep. Nobody deserves to feel the pain of hunger; if you require assistance getting some food, make sure to reach out to a food bank within the area, as they are more than willing to help you out!

Homeless Shelters

The last thing you need when requiring mental health help is not having a place to stay. Not everyone has a home these days, and it's a reality that many deal with in the Orange County and San Bernardino county areas. Homeless shelters can give you temporary residency to provide you with safety and protection, especially if you have nowhere else to go.

People working at homeless shelter


Here at SCCS, we can provide (or connect) you with tutoring services to help you advance and meet your educational goals! Knowledge is power, so if you feel that you are struggling with specific topics in school, we can help you out. Learning is also an adequate way to deal with mental health, as it can help keep your mind busy and fulfilled.

car driving


Whether you need to travel to a nearby location or need assistance to reach family out of state, numerous organizations can help you with transportation. Depending on your situation, specific non-profits are willing to help you with the cost of travel, mainly if you already deal with other financial issues. Contact us today to find out more!

Vision or Medical Assistance

Numerous organizations can provide or help cover the costs of vision and medical services. Glasses can often be expensive, and if you are struggling financially, it can be challenging to accumulate the expenses. Let SCCS know, and we can help connect you with a provider.

Woman with glasses smiling
Person singing at church

Clergy Links

If you are a religious individual, we have links to many clergies that can help guide you towards a place of worship. If you believe that faith can provide you with mental health help, it is important to pursue this aspect of your life!

At South Coast Community Services, we are committed to providing you with the mental health resources you need to surpass your struggles. If we can't help ourselves, we have numerous connections within the area that can. Contact us today!