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Bipolar Disorder Services

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Professional Treatment for

Bipolar Disorder

At South Coast Community Services, we understand that living with bipolar disorder can be difficult. During periods of intense emotions, changes in activity levels, and sleep patterns, individuals may exhibit behavior that is out of character. That's why we provide mental health services in California, helping those diagnosed with bipolar disorder to improve their quality of life. Together, we can make a difference.

Signs & Symptoms

There are three types of bipolar disorder. Each involves changes in activity level, energy, and mood. The mood is the biggest factor in determining which type of bipolar disorder someone can have. The three types of bipolar disorder are:

Bipolar I Disorder

This type is defined by manic episodes that will last for at least seven days, or by manic symptoms which would need immediate medical care. Rapid cycling will occur in individuals who experience at least four episodes of depression or mania in a year.

Bipolar II Disorder

Type two has a pattern of depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes. Bipolar two is typically less severe than Bipolar I.

Cyclothymic Disorder

This type of bipolar disorder has recurring depressive and hypomanic symptoms. Individuals with this type have symptoms that don’t last for long periods of time and are less intense.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Infographic


Someone with bipolar disorder can have varying symptoms based on the type of bipolar disorder they are diagnosed with. Symptoms of a manic episode include

  • Feeling very up, high, elated, or extremely irritable or touchy
  • Feeling jumpy or wired, more active than usual
  • Having a decreased need for sleep
  • Talking fast about a lot of different things
  • Racing thoughts

People who experience symptoms of depressive episodes could start

  • Feeling very down, sad, or anxious
  • Feeling slowed down or restless
  • Having trouble falling asleep or sleeping too much
  • Have trouble concentrating
  • Feeling hopeless or worthless

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The exact causes of bipolar disorder are unknown, but a combination of factors could increase the chance of someone developing it. Some potential causes include:

  • Stressful life events
  • Medication, drugs, and alcohol
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Childhood trauma
  • Family links
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If you or someone you know shows symptoms of bipolar disorder, it’s important to get a medical diagnosis from your family doctor or psychiatrist. A diagnosis will help guide the course of treatment to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken. At South Coast Community Services, our licensed and trained therapists are here to provide the care, support, and mental health services in San Bernardino that you need. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, but with treatment, we can help you manage your symptoms through our counseling services. Other treatments may include

  • Medication
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Day Treatment Programs
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Bipolar disorder does not define you and South Coast Community Services is here to help you access the mental health services in Colton and Rancho Cucamonga that you may need. From in-person counseling sessions to HIPAA-compliant Zoom Meetings we promise to provide exceptional care.