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New Year, New Decade and New Family Goals

January 21, 2020

As we enter this new decade, we would like to suggest to you a new monthly activity that will strengthen your relationships. This monthly activity will broaden the concept of “New Years Resolution,” yet simplify the steps it takes to identify and make progress towards tangible goals. This year, we suggest you think about your…

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What To Do During School Break?

December 17, 2019

A Parent’s Guide to Quality Time During the Holiday season, it can be challenging as a parent to navigate your child’s time off school. Similar to summer months, everyone’s routine is a bit disrupted, and the additional time your child now has can be difficult to fill. Here are our top four recommendations you can…

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Self-care While Parenting a Child with Mental Illness

November 19, 2019

As a mental health professional who has worked with children for over eight years, I have seen the toll that mental illness has on the whole family. Parents who are raising children who are struggling with their mental health are often tired, burnt out, and fearful. One of the most important things you can do…

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Grateful for Anxiety

October 22, 2019

Feelings of anxiety and worry are a common experience. I would encourage you to look at the signals of stress as positive and not harmful. Truly! Anxiety is a sign that we are more in our heads (future) and less grounded in our bodies (present moment). It is important that we teach our children that…

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How to Recognize if your Teen is at-risk for Suicide

September 17, 2019

We think of teens as being generally vibrant, energetic, and healthy, with the occasional bouts of age-appropriate angst. They are in a phase of life when they are growing and changing continually, and along with their development can come strong pressures and emotions. Here’s how you can know when what your teen reflects is a…

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Helping Your Child When Social Stress Impacts Them

September 3, 2019

In our last blog we discussed ways to help your child identify, make and keep healthy relationships. This week we want to explore things you can do as a parent if you notice your child is experiencing unhealthy peer relationships. A lot of children go to school each day and experience bullying, social isolation and…

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Managing Peer Relationships

August 19, 2019

As parents, we know that our child’s peer relationships can have an overwhelming impact on their quality of life. The chances are that if your child is school-aged, they are spending more time with their peers than you. Your child may be experiencing challenges related to making and keeping friends. As we get adjusted to…

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Mastering your Evening Routine

August 6, 2019

Summer days can be long and lazy. They look a whole lot different from school days. Last week we talked about transitioning your child’s morning routine to prepare for the upcoming school year. This week, we want to discuss evening routines. Very similar to the morning, we want to give your child easy ways to…

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How to Take the Stress Out of your Morning Routine!

July 23, 2019

The Top 5 things to do to prepare you and your child for back to school in the mornings. Although we are still in July, somehow back to school is right around the corner. Can you imagine what a perfect back to school morning would look like for your home? Does that include your child…

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Are you Bored During Summer?

July 9, 2019

Every summer, parents have the same question, “what can I do to keep my child busy?”. My answer as a Parent Partner is to first, be kind to yourself, and second, to set you and your family up for success. The truth is that being a parent is hard, especially when the kids are home…

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