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39% of students in college experience a significant mental health issue.


67% of people ages 18-24 with anxiety or depression don't seek treatment.


64% of students drop out of college due to mental health reasons.

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We offer different packages based on

your college’s needs, budget considerations, and population.

South Coast Community Services can provide mental health services on your campus designed to work with medical centers, faculty, on campus counselors and police/safety teams, as well as to provide group and individual counseling or education to students. Our College Wrap program provides in-person services on campus or over zoom, and our team has extensive experience with Tier 3 mental health needs (high suicide risk, psychotic breaks), in addition to Tiers 1 and 2. 

Coordinating with Campus Police & Safety Teams

One of the best ways to improve the mental health of your student body overall is to provide comprehensive services, which can also mean coordinating with police officials and safety teams who respond during emergency situations or crises. We’ll work to ensure that campus police officers are trained and prepared to identify mental health-related issues so that students in need are treated with care instead of force. In addition, we’ll coordinate with safety teams and volunteers to ensure that students on your campus have access to the mental health services they need most when they need them.

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Training For Professors and Staff

Professors, teachers, and other student-facing staff tend to have the most insight into the student body. As part of the College Wrap program, South Coast Community Services offers training for professors and staff to ensure that they can spot any mental health warning signs as well as offer help effectively and compassionately to students in need. In addition, we’re here to help these professionals with any mental health services they need, as well.

Individual Counseling

College Wrap offers Individual Counseling tailored to fit your current needs to inspire change and improve your quality of life. We offer individual, family, and couples sessions with a registered therapist.

Group Support Services

College Wrap offers 6-week group support services with specialized and specific topics to help you overcome and succeed.

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College Wrap offers presentations on topics such as decreasing test-taking anxiety, suicide awareness, getting organized, parenting, and many more!

Are you in a crisis?

Text HOME to 741-741 or call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 for free 24/7 confidential support.


College Wrap Programming For Higher Ed Schools

At South Coast Community Services, our team is dedicated to helping students attending college or university in San Bernardino County and Orange County. Our College Wrap program is designed to supplement on-campus mental health resources with high acuity support. These services are intended to work adjacent to what you might have already on campus and can be customized, based on your campus's needs. Participants in the College Wrap program can also turn services on or off at any time to best support your students and staff.

Contact our team today to learn more about the College Wrap program and to get started!

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