Are you Bored During Summer?

Every summer, parents have the same question, “what can I do to keep my child busy?”. My answer as a Parent Partner is to first, be kind to yourself, and second, to set you and your family up for success. The truth is that being a parent is hard, especially when the kids are home all day. Remember, having fun and doing activities does not always have to cost money. All you need is a little creativity and resourcefulness. Here are four things that will help create structure and joy in your home this summer.

1). Sleep: It’s okay to adjust your child’s sleep schedule since they don’t have school, but don’t do away with a sleep routine completely. Keeping a regular bedtime and wake time is essential for them to regulate their sleep hygiene and stay on track for the new school year.

2). Eating: Create a regular eating schedule to prevent restlessness and any increase in unwanted behaviors. If your child knows the eating schedule for their day or week, this will give them a sense of control and safety. We, as parents can underestimate how important this can be. Have your child help you create the schedule so they can also contribute to the making of family meals.

3). Chores: During the summer, it’s important to still provide your child with the responsibility that they can practice and master. What better way to teach responsibility and have something for them to do? Be reasonable in your requests and consistent with what chores you have delegated to them. Decide which chores your children will take on for the summer and keep them accountable for assisting. Perhaps one child is assigned to helping unload groceries while another is responsible for collecting trash throughout the house. Invite them to be apart of the discussion to see where they are interested in contributing to the household.

4). Quality Time: Summers are a great time to reconnect and play as a family. Grab a deck of cards, a board game, have a water balloon fight or go for family walks. Need a summertime activities list? See our list of quality time activities below.

  • Free movies at the park (see your city website for details)
  • Google free scavenger hunt in your community
  • Free food for kids at schools and parks (see your local/city listings for details)
  • Make a meal together
  • Learn a new game
  • Go the park
  • Make bubbles
  • Run in the sprinklers
  • Play in the dirt by planting a plant
  • Play tag, “Freeze”, or hide & go seek, etc.

Being clear with your children about their schedule, play, and expectations during the summer allows everyone to know their role and routine in the home and decrease unwanted stress. The most important thing about summer for me and the families I support is joy, structure, and play. Keep up the good work!


Judi Guijarro, Parent Partner