Welcome to our Family Wrap Blog

Welcome to our Family Wrap blog! We have a passion for children and the importance of their mental health. Now, more than ever, it is important to have honest conversations about our children and their well-being while at school and in the community. Our intention behind our blog is to share mental health facts and information that directly affect students, schools, and their families.

Our Family Wrap program provides mental health services and training. We have seen the direct benefit in having informed dialogues when our team has provided these resources to schools and the community. Mental health information is urgently needed, but more importantly, our hope here is to provide you with the concrete steps to walk away knowing what to do today.

We will be covering topics such as suicide prevention, bullying prevention, and truancy.

As a team, we will have a variety of professionals who will be contributing to this blog to provide you with tips and resources to support the growing conversations for mental health wellness for our children.

What mental health topics would you be interested in? Please comment below and join us in our dialogue on mental health and wellness in our schools and the community.

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With Gratitude,

Julianne Guinasso, LMFT, Family Wrap Program Director