What To Do During School Break?

A Parent’s Guide to Quality Time

During the Holiday season, it can be challenging as a parent to navigate your child’s time off school. Similar to summer months, everyone’s routine is a bit disrupted, and the additional time your child now has can be difficult to fill. Here are our top four recommendations you can do during your child’s Holiday break to increase your quality time with your child in practical and affordable ways.

1). Playing music – a fun way you can turn listening to music into a fun activity is by sharing music from both the past and the current eras. This is a great bonding activity with your child. Regardless of age, you can share some of your favorite music when you were younger. Moreover, they, in return, can share some of their favorite music now. Music is often a form of self-expression and a way for people to connect throughout the generations. This can also be a fun activity to do with grandparents! Ask your child to play songs that make them feel “alive,” “joyful,” or “strong.”

2). Nature walks – sometimes, slowing down a bit during this season can help. Going on a nature walk in a park or on a trail can be enjoyable! Ask your child to count how many different types of birds they can see. You can explain to your child about the practice of being present and mindful throughout one’s day. You can share with them that if they ever need to “reset,” you can go outside for a moment and just focus on what you see in nature.

3). Art- grab some paper, pencils, glue, and some magazines. Make a collage and have your child identify three goals or things they want to accomplish or create in the upcoming year. You can join in and create your piece. Perhaps make one together for the family! What do you, as a family, want to create this year?

4). Reading – have your child pick their favorite book and read it to you. Alternatively, you each choose different characters in the book and read aloud together. You could add an element of play by having to read and act out the characters by doing charades.

Be sure to check out our Morning and Evening Routine blogs. Going back to school after the Holiday season often mimics going back to school like in the fall. It can help to practice preparing for the transition ahead of time. Enjoy your quality time!


Julianne Guinasso, LMFT