For Parents

We get it.

Many of us are parents, too. We know the struggles, sometimes extraordinary struggles, children experience at school.

We are NOT teachers or tutors.

We are NOT school counselors.

We ARE a team of multidisciplinary mental health professionals.

We don't replace teachers or school counselors, we add to their efforts in concert with them.

Please call us. Perhaps we can help.

(877) 527-7227

In-Home Services

Our Family Wrap/In-Home Services are for kids whose mental health is impacting their education or well-being at school.

Our Family Wrap services supplement the efforts of on-site school counselors and therapists.

We can send a team to visit the child at home when the school district cannot. We are not tutors. We do not replace School Counselors or Therapists. We add to their efforts, in concert with them.

In some cases, we can have a Family Wrap team meet your child at home first thing in the morning to help with their routine to get ready for school. Our aim is to do "whatever it takes" to help your child with mental health and behavior problems that may be hindering their success at school.​