Anger Management in Chino


Anger Management

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At South Coast Community Services in Chino, we understand that untreated anger can have a range of negative consequences on an individual's mental health. In addition to strained personal relationships and legal trouble, there are certain comorbidities associated with anger management that can exacerbate the problem. Our compassionate team of specialists offers a range of therapeutic treatments to help manage anger effectively and address co-occurring mental health disorders.


Behavioral Therapy

Depression is one of the most common comorbidities associated with anger management issues. When anger is left unchecked, it can lead to feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and sadness. Our cognitive behavioral therapy program is designed to help individuals identify negative thoughts and behaviors that are contributing to their anger and depression. By learning coping mechanisms and new, healthier ways to express their emotions, individuals with anger management issues can reduce the likelihood of slipping into depression.

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Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is another common comorbidity associated with untreated anger. Anxiety is characterized by feelings of fear or worry that are out of proportion to the situation. For individuals whose anger issues evoke feelings of anxiety, it can be difficult to understand and regulate their own emotions. Our team of experienced therapists can help individuals manage anxiety associated with their anger management issues by teaching productive coping mechanisms.

Age-Appropriate Therapeutic


At South Coast Community Services, we recognize that anger management can be a unique challenge for teens. Our therapists specialize in working with adolescents and are able to provide age-appropriate therapeutic support to manage anger issues. With the right guidance and tools, teens can learn to manage their emotions and build stronger relationships with family members and peers.

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In conclusion, untreated anger can lead to a range of comorbidities that negatively impact an individual's mental health. At South Coast Community Services in Chino, our compassionate team of therapists and counselors offers a range of therapeutic treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy and specialized support for teen anger management. Contact us today to learn more about our effective mental health services.