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Are you feeling constantly worried, excessively stressed, or fearful? Does feeling anxious interfere with your life and ability to do everyday activities? If so, South Coast Community Services in Yucaipa, CA, can help you overcome these feelings and lead a healthier, happier life.

Professional and Experienced Therapists

Our therapists have years of experience helping people with anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and more. We work with our clients to develop personalized therapy plans in line with their unique needs and challenges.

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Holistic and Individualized


We believe in taking into account all aspects of our clients' lives, including physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual factors that could impact their anxiety levels. Our approach is centered around creating a deeper sense of awareness and understanding, allowing our clients to cope with anxiety better.

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Our therapists use a multi-faceted approach to help clients recognize their anxiety triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms. We work with clients to develop personalized programs that address their specific needs, incorporating interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques.

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Personalized, multi-faceted

Anxiety Therapy


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


Mindfulness-Based Therapy


Relaxation Techniques

Authentic and Safe Environment

Our therapists hold the belief that a peaceful and non-judgmental space is crucial for individuals struggling with anxiety. We provide our clients with a warm and welcoming environment where they can express their feelings without fear of being stigmatized.

Continuing Support 

We recognize that healing is a gradual process. We understand that people with anxiety issues might require long-term support and continuous care even after their therapy is done. Therefore, our therapists work on providing resources that individuals and their families can use to develop and maintain skills and techniques acquired during therapy.

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Anxiety is a mental condition that can greatly impact your life and your ability to perform. At South Coast Community Services in Yucaipa, CA, we provide compassionate therapy services that help you manage and overcome anxiety and its symptoms. Our experienced therapists use personalized, holistic, and multi-dimensional approaches to anxiety therapy. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to begin living a life free from anxiety.