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A Journey of Rediscovery

in Yucaipa

In the heart of Yucaipa, amid the intertwining stories of love, growth, and connection, South Coast Community stands as a testament to the power of understanding and the art of healing. Every relationship, like life itself, has its seasons — some of growth and warmth, and others of challenges and introspection.

More Than Just

Mental Health Services

Here in Yucipa, South Coast Community's mission transcends the boundaries of a typical mental health clinic. We envision a space where couples and families come to rediscover each other, rebuild connections, and cultivate a deeper understanding. We believe in the sanctity of relationships, and it's our profound honor to guide couples through therapy sessions that pave the way for renewed trust and affection.

Our Commitment Across San Bernardino County

Our interactions across the vibrant landscapes of San Bernardino County, including the dynamic communities of Colton and Rancho Cucamonga, have imbibed in us a profound sense of purpose. A purpose that goes beyond offering mental health services; it's about nurturing bonds, strengthening familial ties, and rekindling the magic that once was.

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Types of Mental Health Therapies We Offer







and more

And More

OThe Power and Purpose of

Family Counseling

Choosing a family counseling service is a step filled with hope, vulnerability, and courage. We understand the weight of that choice, and that's why each therapy session with us is curated with utmost respect, confidentiality, and expertise. Together, let's navigate the tapestry of emotions, understandings, and memories that have made your journey unique.


We Are Here

From the heart of Yucipa to the spirited streets of Colton, to the bustling avenues of Rancho Cucamonga and the vast San Bernardino County, our promise is clear and unwavering. We are here, with open doors and open hearts, to support, guide, and uplift.

Take a Step Towards Harmony and Love

Come, step into a realm where your relationship finds its voice, where challenges transform into stepping stones, and where every therapy session is a step towards harmony and love.