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Mental health Therapy

Starts With What's Inside

Mental health isn’t always something that’s an obvious illness or ailment like physical injuries; it can often be ignored until it’s too late. Not paying the proper respect to mental health issues as they arise can be disastrous. They can cause a wide selection of long-term problems that can influence you throughout your life, like chronic pain and chronic physical health issues. In addition to the physical manifestations of mental health problems, there is a wide selection of day-to-day issues that make living with an untreated mental illness exceptionally difficult.

Those who don’t address their mental health issues can expect issues like dissociation from their bodies, suicidal thoughts, incarceration and so much more. But that’s what South Coast Community Services (SCCS) is here to help with! The original focus of our organization is to provide state-mandated mental health therapy treatment to children, teens, couples, and families; but our SCCS Upland location in San Bernardino County is one of the first to offer traditional counseling and therapy services as well! Our mission is to help patients learn more about themselves and work through both personal and interpersonal issues with experienced mental health therapy professionals.

If our Upland location is too far, learn more about the services our other locations across California can offer; the Chino location also offers traditional counseling and therapy services for your convenience.

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Our Different Mental Health

Services & Treatments

If you’ve started to notice depression symptoms, ADHD symptoms, or signs of other mental health conditions in yourself, there is no shame in asking for a little help! South Coast Community Services’ in-house professionals are here to provide children, teens, and adults with the treatments they deserve to identify these conditions. It’s not uncommon for our mental health therapy staff to treat and speak with clients who experience teen anger, disordered eating (anorexia nervosa, orthorexia, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder), signs of depression, suicidal ideation, bipolar disorder, and more. Whether you come to SCCS for suicide prevention, ADHD in adults, depression, and anxiety, we are eager to help everyone who contacts us.

What Happens if You Don’t Treat Mental Health Issues

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Chronic Pain

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Physical Health Issues

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Take Advantage of Personal Counseling & Mental Health Therapy

Both our Chino and Upland locations in California are among the first under the SCCS umbrella to offer individualized, traditional counseling and therapy services. South Coast Community Services is proud to employ experienced mental health professionals to assist with state-mandated treatment; however, should you need to speak with mental health therapy personnel to address any concerns or issues — big or small — our Upland location is here for you! Reach out to us today to schedule a meeting with our staff members in Orange County or San Bernardino County!

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Improve Communication with California Marriage & Family Therapy

When it comes to mental health services, it’s common to receive individualized attention — sessions with just yourself and a SCCS professional. However, sometimes mental health therapy, and counseling in general, is best for couples and families, and that is where Marriage & Family Therapy comes in. Instead of isolating the focus of a session to be about the individual's ADHD symptoms, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety, these sessions invovle groups of loved ones. Professional mental health service providers are able to help these groups open lines of communication, strengthen relationships, resolve issues or conflicts, and promote a better understanding of each other.

Family members, fiancés, and spouses can take advantage of this counseling from SCCS and maintain healthy relationships with healthy boundaries. Our team is eager to help you remain honest with each other and bring up any issues (new or old) in a safe, trusted environment. Learn more about the benefits of group counseling by browsing our Marriage & Family Therapy page now!

Honor What Your Body Needs

With South Coast Community Services

You wouldn’t ignore an open wound, so why would you ignore your mental health therapy needs? They can be just as serious as real, bleeding wounds and, at times, even more painful. That’s why South Coast Community Services is dedicated to being a resource to help folks access the care they need to lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives. Whether you’re interested in our traditional individual mental health services or our group marriage and family therapy, each of our locations is here to serve you!

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