Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

Providing care, counsel, and coaching for children, teens, adults – and their families.


Our Principles and Values

  • Integrity:
    • Truth and honesty above all things, at all times, at any cost. No Fudge Rule.
  • Respect:
    • We believe in treating all people with mutual respect and dignity at all times, in every way.
  • Nurturance:
    • We strive to provide love, support, nurture, and empathy to all those we come into contact with every day.
  • Perseverance:
    • The undying effort and dedication towards making a difference in the life of a child, a teen, or adult and their family by providing every possible opportunity for growth.
  • Service:
    • We work to support and improve the community in which we operate, for the benefit of ourselves and the community to which our graduates will return.
  • Fiscally Sound:
    • We strive to deliver the best service, at budget, per contract that we can. We live within our budgets.