4 Mental Health Signals that You Should Seek Professional Help

With everything going on in the world today, it can often be confusing to know if you are just feeling a bit down or if you should seek professional mental services. The mental health service experts at South Coast Community Services have four signs that your feelings may need professional attention. Our team of professionals spans eight different locations across the Colton and San Bernardino area and we are dedicated to helping to feel like yourself again. 

If you are struggling with mental illnesses like anxiety or depression, contact the experts at South Coast Community Services today, and if you are experiencing any suicidal ideas, dial 988 to talk with a counselor. 

You Have Persistent Feelings of Sadness or Hopelessness

Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness are different from feeling down for a bit and may point to underlying changes in your body’s chemical balance. Feeling sad or depressed is often not controllable and you should seek help if you feel like you shouldn’t be sad. 

You Have Lost Interest in Hobbies You Previously Enjoyed

Do you no longer enjoy the hobbies you once loved? This is a common sign of depression or other mental health problems that the counselors at South Coast Community Services are experts at helping with. 

You are Experiencing Changes to Your Appetite or Sleep Pattern

If you have recently experienced a change in your appetite — growing more or less hungry— or a change in your sleep schedule, you might benefit from talking to a mental health care service expert. They can help you understand if your change is from an emerging mental change or something else. 

You Have Difficulty Functioning at Work, School, or Home

If your work, school, or home life is growing more difficult and you are struggling to cope, it might be time to talk to a counselor at South Coast Community Services. 

There are many ways that mental health concerns can manifest and some pass before you even realize it, but if you are experiencing any of these signs consistently, it might be time to talk to someone. The caring counselors at South Coast Community Services are ready to help you feel like yourself. Call now to find out more!

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