4 Questions to Ask a Potential Therapist

Addressing your mental health illness and deciding to seek a mental health therapist is a brave choice. However, to let the therapy deliver its results, you need to ensure you choose the right therapist for you.

The South Coast Community Services recommend asking a few crucial questions to your potential therapist to know if they are the right fit for you. Here is what you should ask -

The Academic Questions

You need to know if the therapist is qualified to treat you. Therefore, ask about their education, training, degree, specialization, and license for the practice. Ask about their experience and if they are fresher, know if they work under supervision or going solo.

Woman talking to therapist on laptop
Younger woman and older woman sitting and talking to therapist

Specifics About the Therapy

Out of all the therapies they provide, ask which one do they recommend for you and why. While the therapy timelines can’t be depicted, get a general idea of the course of treatment. Also, talk about the length of each session. Moreover, ask in-depth about their treatment approach to not have any misunderstandings later.

Questions About the Process

Discuss how they would want you to prepare for your sessions. Ask if they assign homework for you after every session. Knowing the topics you will need to discuss throughout your treatment can also give you a clearer perspective.

Person sitting asking a therapist questions
Two young men talking about therapy

Practical Matters

Ask about the fees of the mental health therapist and if your insurance can cover it. Confirm the confidentiality of your sessions and ask about the plan of action if therapy doesn’t prove to be a good fit.

A client-therapist relationship is quite special since it revolves around finding yourself and addressing the challenges. Your way of expressing yourself plays an important role, and hence, you need to feel comfortable with them. South Coast Community Services is a team of expert psychological counselors who provide a conducive environment for you to share your feelings. Contact us today to seek help in Orange County and San Bernardino County.