4 Things Your Child’s Therapist Wants You To Know

As a concerned parent, you want to ensure your child has everything they need to survive in this world because one day you won't be there. Entrusting your child to a therapist to help with their condition can be extremely scary. South Coast Community Services serves Orange and San Bernardino County and surrounding areas with exceptional mental health therapies. Below, we'll go over four things your child's therapist wants you to know. Get in touch today!

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Therapy With Children Involves Games

Children learn best when play and games are involved, and the younger the child, the more they will learn playing. Thus, children's therapy involves a lot of games and play, but that doesn't mean no therapeutic work is being done.

Your Participation Will Be Required

Your child only spends a limited amount of time with their mental health therapist. They spend the majority of their time with you. This means that your help will be needed as part of your child's therapy. Oftentimes, you may be given homework as well.

Children's Therapy May Require a Pivot

Finding the best therapy solution for your child will most likely not be immediate. A lot of trial and error will take place as your mental health therapist tries one therapy and then another. Since each child is unique, there is no one size fits all, so expect changes in your child's therapy sessions.

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Your Intervention May Be Required

Some children are extremely resistant to children's therapy sessions. Teenagers are the most resistant just due to the stage of life they are in. In the cases where your child is resistant to therapy to the point no work is being accomplished, your intervention may be required.


South Coast Community Services offers exceptional children's therapy in the Orange and San Bernardino County areas. Our experienced psychological counselors love helping children and seeing them prosper and grow despite their difficulties. Call to get started today!

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