4 Ways to Connect With Your Child…On Their Level

Finding ways to connect with your child can be very difficult, and in today’s age of embedded technology, it is only getting harder. Talking to your child about mental health is more important than ever, but what do you do if they won’t open up to you? Chances are your relationship might need a little TLC and the experts at South Coast Community Services have come up with the top four things you can do to connect with your child. 

If you think your child might benefit from mental health services, South Coast Community Services has a team of experts in eight locations across San Bernardino and Orange County in California. Call now to schedule a consultation. 

Understand Their Interests

The easiest way to connect with your child is by showing a genuine interest in their passions and hobbies. They want your approval —even if they don’t always show it — and taking an interest in the things they like will give them validation and help you make a deeper connection. 

Look at the Friends They Make

Friends are the most important thing to a child. They are figuring out how they fit in this world and their friends have a great deal of sway in how they perceive themselves. If you don’t like the friends your child has, take a step back and ask yourself what your child is getting out of that relationship that they’re missing elsewhere. 

If you suspect your child’s friends are causing them anxiety or anger, reach out for mental health services from South Coast Community Services. 

Understand Their Developmental Stage

Your child’s ability to connect with you has a lot to do with their developmental stage. Children aren’t able to empathize with anyone until around the age of two and the brain doesn’t fully develop until age 25. If you are having trouble connecting with your child, consider their developmental level in your approach to them. 

Find the Fun

If you are stressed about connecting with your child, chances are you try to connect with them a lot. While it’s amazing to know that you care so much, constant overcommunication can be taxing to a child. Try scheduling a time to do a fun activity without any deeper conversations. This is a great way to reset before or after a tough conversation. 

The team of mental health service experts at South Coast Community Services are here to help you reconnect with your child so they can feel comfortable coming to you with any mental health concerns. Find out more about our mental health services today!

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