4 Ways You Can Help Your Depressed Teen

Being a teenager is a trying time, as all adults know. It's a time of intense self discovery, but also a time when a lot of outside pressure can be felt by the teen. South Coast Community Services offers a variety of mental health therapies in Orange and San Bernardino Counties, including depression treatment. Below, we'll take a look at four ways you can help your depressed teen. 

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Ask a Lot of Questions

Many teenagers can shut down when they are depressed. After all, they are young and may not know how to talk about their feelings or ask for help. By staying engaged in your teen's life and asking a lot of questions, you can help them find the words they need to be heard.

Listen to What Your Teen is Saying

Undoubtedly, you lead a busy life. Thus, it can be easy to put your teen off when they are ready to talk to you. You need to be prepared to stop what you are doing and give your teen your undivided attention when they are ready to talk. Stay engaged and validate their feelings; don't pass judgment.

Be Understanding

It can be easy to discount your teen's behavior as just "typical teenager antics." However, by being understanding of where your teen is at and offering them some slack when it comes to chores or college applications, you can help support them and take some pressure off.

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4 Find a Superb Mental Health Counselor

If you suspect your teen is depressed, it's best to seek the help of a professional mental health counselor. Untreated depression can lead to serious problems that mental health therapists can help mitigate and avoid. Ask for recommendations or read online reviews to find a mental health professional near you.


Depression is a serious condition that usually requires some sort of treatment. The mental health therapists at South Coast Community Services offer exceptional therapies for depression in Orange and San Bernardino Counties. Get in touch today!

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