Children’s Mental Health Services in Orange County, CA

If you’re a parent in Orange County, you know that there are many different options when it comes to finding any kind of child-focused service. Whether you’re looking for child-friendly food options, clothing for little ones, daycare services, or more, there are a wide variety of options available to you, but what about mental health care services? At South Coast Community Services, we’re here to provide the child-focused mental health care services you need in Orange County!

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Fountain Valley Therapy Services

One of our Orange County locations is placed perfectly for the families of Fountain Valley, to find help for their little ones. This outpatient clinic is set up to provide our wide range of services to the community, whether that’s child counseling for anger control, anxiety help, or even depression help.

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Costa Mesa Residential Programs

In Costa Mesa, our focus is on providing a safe and secure environment for young people and children who are struggling with mental health concerns or mental illnesses. We offer residential programs as well, in order to better help those who need more intensive care in order to heal.

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Anaheim Counseling and Mental Health Care

In addition to our other locations in Orange County, we also have a location in Anaheim so we can better serve families and parents looking for child-focused mental health services. From one-off counseling appointments to full therapy programs and so much more, our Anaheim location is proud to provide the children’s mental health care services you need to feel your best and thrive.

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Mental Health Care and Services For All Ages

At each of our locations, the South Coast Community Services team is passionate about providing our patients with compassionate care and a safe place to learn, grow, and heal. Whether your child is struggling with a serious illness like depression or an eating disorder, or you want to help them learn the tools to maintain good mental health as they get older, we’re here to help with the children’s mental health services you deserve.

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