Common Signs of Trauma

One of the more common mental health services we offer at South Coast Community Services is trauma therapy. Many people, both children and adults, suffer from some form of trauma — some of whom may not even know it. One common belief is that only people who have experienced war or extreme experiences can have trauma or PTSD. This is simply untrue. Trauma can come in many forms and can be caused by a wide variety of circumstances. Everyone perceives and processes events differently. What may traumatize one may have little to no effect on another. To help people better recognize trauma and its symptoms, South Coast Community Services is discussing four common signs of trauma and PTSD. Keep reading to learn more and find help through our trauma therapy services today.

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Feeling disconnected from your body can be a common symptom of trauma and PTSD. This is often referred to as depersonalization, which someone can experience when they feel like their thoughts are being controlled by outside forces. This feeling is not unusual, but in some cases, trauma or PTSD may cause it to be prolonged and difficult to manage.

Emotionally Numb

Emotional numbness is often confused for depression because people are not experiencing the intense feelings they are used to feeling from trauma. It can be hard to tell the difference between emotional numbness and depression because the symptoms are similar but at a much more mild level.

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Trauma can make people sensitive to certain types of touches, smells, sounds, sights, and more. This hypersensitivity is usually caused by a heightened sense of awareness that can be related to psychological trauma.

Disinterested in Social Interactions

Socializing with others may cause distress and often lead to someone feeling anxious and irritable. This is due to what trauma survivors may view as a violation or intrusion on their personal space.

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