How To Help Someone Who Is Dealing With Depression

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Depression impacts the ability to communicate feelings, as the person feels the fear of being judged. Hence, it becomes challenging for friends and family to help them. 

Every person reacts to depression differently. However, there are a few universal steps you can take to help them. The psychological counselors at South Coast Community Services are listing them for you below.

Learn More About Depression by Yourself

Thanks to the taboo on mental health, many people are not aware of what depression is. Many people have a dismissive behavior towards the illness.

Therefore, do plenty of research, and know the symptoms, causes, and treatments on your own. By being more acquainted with the matter of depression, you can extend more support to your friend.

Man studying in office setting on laptop
Group listening and providing support to person sharing strife

Be a Compassionate Listener

Assure your friend that you’re there for them and motivate them to communicate with you about their feelings. You can initiate the conversation by asking them a simple question about how they are and what they are feeling. Remember, you’re there to provide emotional support. So, don’t advise until they ask for it. Just lend your ears and listen empathetically.

infographic about helping someone with depression

Help Them Cope

Stress levels can worsen depression. Therefore, recognize the crisis and help your friend reduce the sources of stress. Make them feel lighter by sending affirmations their way and try to brainstorm a coping mechanism with them.

Person extending hand to someone experiencing grief
: Young man in therapy setting shaking therapist’s hand

Encourage Treatment and Find Support

In most cases, depression needs professional assistance and treatment. If your friend is hesitant or scared of taking treatment, encourage them to seek support by letting them know how it can impact them. Help them to search for a psychological counselor and extend your support during the process.

People with depression become withdrawn. They don’t actively reach out to their loved ones, even when they are in need. Being their support system in such times can make a vast difference to their mental health. 

If you need a mental health therapist, get in touch with South Coast Community Services. Our trained professionals can support you in your struggle and help you create a fresh beginning for yourself.