How To Support Someone In Therapy For Suicide Prevention

Helping someone through their therapy journey to recover from suicidal ideations or a suicide attempt is a stressful process. At South Coast Community Services, we conduct some of the most well regarded suicide prevention therapies in California, and we know how to help you support the people you love as they go through the process of recovery. Learn more about our suicide prevention program today. 

There are several ways you can help someone you care about throughout their suicide recovery therapy:

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Stand By And Encourage

Let your loved one know that you care about them and are available to talk and listen. Sometimes simply sitting with them or calling them for five minutes can help them immensely. Remind them that therapy is a process and that it takes time to see progress. Encourage them to be patient and to stay with it.

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Be Non-Judgemental

Avoid criticizing or dismissing the person’s feelings. Instead, offer support and understanding. Don’t feel the need to speak all the time. Leaving room for silence can often help people process in the presence of someone else.

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Educate And Take Care Of Yourself

Supporting someone in therapy can be emotionally demanding. Make sure you take care of yourself and seek support when you need it. If you feel like you don’t know enough, reach out to your loved one’s counselor for books and videos to help you learn more about the mental health service process for suicide prevention.

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Help With Practical Things

Offer to assist your loved one with practical matters such as transportation to therapy or helping with household chores. People suffering from suicidal ideations are often also suffering from depression and simple tasks can feel overwhelming. Offer to pick up dinner, run a load of laundry, or tidy up their space.

Watching someone you love suffer is terrible. Help them get the support they need by aiding them in their suicide recovery therapy. If you or someone you love is suffering from suicidal ideations South Coast Community Services can help, or call the suicide hotline at 988. 

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