How To Take Charge Of Your Mental Health

At South Coast Community Services, we believe that your mental health matters just as much as your physical health. Take charge of your mental health with these four simple steps and contact South Coast Community Services across California for more information on mental health services. 

person sleeping

Sleep Well and Eat healthy

When an anxious or depressive episode starts to happen, many people will turn to comfort foods or activities to soothe themselves. These often consist of junk foods that don’t fuel your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs and doom scrolling through social media. 

Your brain and body function in a feedback loop that will make you feel worse when you do these things. Garbage in garbage out. Instead, focus on eating fruits and vegetables every day along with a multivitamin and aim for seven to eight hours of sleep every night on a roughly consistent schedule.

two people having coffee

Connect With Others

Spend time with family and friends, or join a support group with mental health services. Humans are social creatures, and there are positive physiological benefits to connecting with others. Group outings have been proven to help with anxiety relief and other mental health conditions.

person making a goal

Set Small Achievable Goals

Identify what you would like to achieve, and break it down into smaller, manageable steps. Create a timeline of a couple of weeks and check in on your progress every few days. Micromanaging goals, or setting one far in advance won’t encourage you, instead, it often lets you fall back into the same cycles.

mental health professional

Seek Professional Help and Stick with It

If you are struggling with a mental health condition, seek help from a mental health professional, such as a therapist or psychiatrist. If you are already receiving treatment for a mental health condition, be consistent and stick with it, even if it is challenging.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support with your mental health. You’d never fault someone for going to a doctor if they felt ill — mental health is the same. South Coast Community Services has the services you need to take charge of your mental health. 

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