Lies Depression Tells You And How To Fight Back

Clinical depression is a mental health disorder that causes someone to be depressed, sad, and lose interest in normal daily activities. It can affect the way a person acts, thinks, and feels. The mental health therapists at South Coast Community Services in Orange and San Bernardino Counties offer therapy for depression. Below, we'll take a look at some of the lies that depression can tell you and how to fight back. Get in touch today!

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Depression Tells You You're Not Good Enough

Depression makes you think that no matter what you do, it's not enough and you're not enough. It tells you you're not a good enough mom, wife, sister, or brother, and it tells you you're not thin enough, smart enough, or talented enough. In reality, you are enough just the way you are.

Depression Tells You No One Loves You

Depression leads you to believe that no one truly cares about you or loves you. It tells you that people are only your friends out of pity, and they don't care what you do or what is happening in your life. In truth, your friends and family will do anything for you because they do love you.


Depression Tells You that Nothing & No One Matters

Depression will tell you that nothing in life matters, and no one in your life matters. Depression tells you that you are worthless and that there's no point to living. It may even tell you that you can't be fixed. In truth, you are everything — beautiful, intelligent, funny, charismatic, loving, and so much more in this world.

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4 Get Professional Mental Health Therapy for Depression Today

No matter what depression tells you, there is hope, and there is help. Depression is treatable with the help of mental health professionals who understand the disease and can offer you tools to recover. You have to keep holding on; better days are ahead.


South Coast Community Services offers therapies for depression. Our mission is to help those in our community get the help they need so that they can lead a productive, healthy, and thriving life. Our professional mental health therapists in Orange and San Bernardino Counties can help you overcome depression and lead a normal life. Get in touch today!

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