Mental Health Services For Families in Colton

In Colton, California, we know that families can sometimes get distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life and neglect mental health appointments or treatments. Between work, school, and any other kinds of activities or obligations, mental health can fall by the wayside

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Services For Parents and Couples

As parents and leaders of the family, it can be difficult to juggle everything that’s required of you to ensure your whole family is happy and healthy. That’s why we offer marriage counseling, couples therapy, and even parent-focused support to ensure that you’re getting the care you need to better support your family every day.

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Family-Focused Care

When you want to support your whole family with mental health services and care that’s designed to help everyone feel their best, South Coast Community Services is here to help! Whether you’re looking for family counseling sessions or care for the young members of your family as they grow, we’re proud to offer the care your whole family needs.

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Family Grief Therapy and Crisis Support

If your family has suffered a recent loss or is working through a crisis together, it’s important to set everyone up for success in the healing process with professional support. Our team offers grief support for patients of all ages, including children! We also offer crisis support to help your family navigate the situation and develop a plan for moving forward.

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South Coast Community Services Is Near You

Across Orange County and San Bernardino County, South Coast Community Services is here to help. We have convenient locations in places like Colton to help families who need and deserve professional mental health support. Find out more about our location in Colton or visit us in person today!

Learn more about the mental health services our team offers to families like yours and contact us today to get started by requesting an appointment!

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