Mental Health Services For Families in San Bernardino County

In recent years, mental health care has become more commonly discussed when it comes to seeking help for mental health issues like depression and anxiety. But what about support for families, too? At South Coast Community Services, our team is here to help families across San Bernardino County with quality mental health care services like therapy and treatment programs.

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Convenient Locations

With seven locations across San Bernardino County, it’s likely that you can find a location that’s close to you and easy to access! At each of our locations, we have an experienced team of mental health professionals who are ready to provide the compassionate care every member of your family needs to heal and feel their best!

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Services For All Ages

Whether you have a family of adults who need help figuring out how to communicate with one another or you’re a family with children who need support from the adults around them, we have services designed for all age groups. We know that different stages of life require different treatments and therapeutic approaches, and we’re proud to offer those services!

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Crisis and Grief Support

If your family is going through a crisis or struggling to work through a loss, South Coast Community Services can offer the support you need to heal. Our mental health professionals will help you come up with a plan to work through your crisis and offer therapy to support every member of your family as they grieve.

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Your family members deserve quality mental health care and services designed to support them! At South Coast Community Services, our team is focused on providing quality treatment programs, therapies, and counseling to help families function better as a whole!

Learn more about our services online today and find a San Bernardino County location near you online to visit us in person. Contact us to get started and request an appointment.

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