Why Choose Our Marriage & Family Therapy

Life isn’t always as idyllic as we’d like; everyday annoyances can escalate into interpersonal conflicts that can get in the way of peaceful home life. While it may be uncomfortable at first, it’s important to address these sources of stress and aversion with a professional mental health services expert — someone who can help guide you through conversation and promote better understanding.

At South Coast Community Services (SCCS), our mental health therapy services in the Orange County and San Bernardino County areas of California are designed to help patients work through such issues. A prominent feature of our mental health services is marriage and family therapy, focusing on the mental and emotional well-being of couples and families. Our entire organization is dedicated to providing professional counseling that helps improve a patient’s quality of life, and marriage and family therapy is an excellent starting point. If you notice a breakdown in communication with your spouse or family members or feel as though you’re not receiving the support you need, SCCS is here to help.

Our marriage and family therapy is designed to offer the most benefits to each patient while also protecting their privacy and well-being. The experienced mental health therapy professionals that conduct each session understand the various reasons why couples and families seek out SCCS for help. We believe there is no issue — too big or too small — that can’t be resolved with thorough, constructive communication under the direction of a licensed therapist. Learn more about this section of our mental health services below and schedule an appointment with us online today!


We Focus on Mental Health Therapy for Small Groups

Typically when a person thinks of mental health therapy or similar services, he or she thinks of a counselor giving undivided attention to an individual, helping to work through specific concerns. But while SCCS helps individual patients address the health concerns they’re experiencing — such as clinical depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, or ADHD symptoms — our professionals can also help small groups.

Marriage and family therapy is a form of counseling and mental health therapy that focuses on encouraging communication and understanding between couples and family members. It’s not uncommon for our SCCS therapists and mental health therapy experts to help engaged couples, newlyweds, long-term spouses, and both biological and adoptive families. Instead of focusing entirely on the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and frustrations of just one person, marriage and family therapy gives each participant the chance to speak their mind. Our service locations across Orange County and San Bernardino County facilitate the growth of healthy relationships and boundaries within a household.

If you believe more individualized attention could benefit you, browse through the different mental health conditions SCCS specializes in treating. But if you’re looking for a chance to address interpersonal conflicts and promote stronger bonds between loved ones, marriage and family therapy is the best option. Contact our mental health therapy professionals to schedule an appointment!

We Address Several Types of Interpersonal Conflict

At SCCS, we believe there is no shame in seeking the advice or counsel of a California mental health therapy professional. We understand how speaking with a therapist can put everything into perspective and facilitate a better understanding, especially in the case of marriage and family therapy where several individuals are involved. Our mental health services focus on problem-solving, addressing, and working through several different types of interpersonal conflict; there is no one reason why couples and families meet with our staff members. 

Marriage and family therapy allows a space, open space for fiancés, spouses, and family members to gain more awareness of others' points of view. Similarly, it allows for loved ones to better understand where each other is coming from and how their concerns or emotions have developed. If your household is experiencing strained or uncomfortable relationships, SCCS’s marriage and family therapy can help identify the source of these conflicts and navigate through a solution. Our counselors encourage open honesty and communication between significant others and loved ones, resolving any resentment and improving the overall mental health of the household.

No matter what interpersonal concern your spouse or family members are facing, marriage and family therapy may be the answer you’re looking for. View all our service locations and get started today with our mental health services. 


Our Mental Health Services Prioritize Your Privacy

A critical aspect of our SCCS marriage and family therapy is the safe, non-judgemental environment our counselors create. Our mission is to provide our patients a place to freely express their feelings, concerns, and struggles with a mental health therapy professional and their loved ones. To give the best professional mental health services possible, SCCS has taken the necessary steps to ensure our patients are protected during marriage and family therapy sessions.

When you choose our mental health services, rest assured your personal information is safe. Security is a very high priority across all our SCCS service locations. For your convenience, virtual marriage and family therapy sessions are available that are completely HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CFS certified; these rigorous security levels combine the compliance framework of relevant regulations. SCCS has joined the elite worldwide group of organizations that have earned the HITRUST certification.

Our mental health therapy professionals understand how difficult and disarming vulnerability can be. During our marriage and family therapy sessions, it’s common to speak about deeply personal conflicts — and this is why we’ve taken every measure possible to ensure our patients are protected and comfortable speaking with us. Get in touch with our experienced mental health professionals today to improve communication between yourself and your loved ones.  

Scheduling an Appointment is Fast & Easy

SCCS understands how difficult it can be to find a person who understands what you and your loved ones are experiencing. But that is exactly what our marriage and family therapy is all about — connecting patients in Orange County and San Bernardino County with experienced clinicians who can help work through the issues you’re living with. If you believe our mental health therapy is the best way to work through your spousal and familial struggles, scheduling an appointment with SCCS is incredibly easy. 

Getting started with marriage and family therapy involves filling out our online registration form and telling us a little about the type of counseling you’re looking for. You can also access our care support line to speak with a live representative about scheduling an appointment for marriage and family therapy. No matter which way you contact us, a care coordinator will match you and your spouse or family members with a therapist who can provide the best treatment possible. From there, your therapist will schedule an appointment and any follow-up appointments that may be necessary. 


There is no shame in asking for a little outside help! SCCS’s marriage and family therapy is available to help identify underlying or prominent issues between you and your spouse or family members. Let us help you live well by requesting an appointment with a mental health therapy professional.