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South Coast Community Services (SCCS),  with locations in Orange County and San Bernardino County, is focused on helping children, teens, adults and families find the best mental health services and programs to meet their individual needs.  Our experienced and caring mental health professionals and para-professionals  have the knowledge and passion to help clients work through trauma, and mental health needs. If you are passionate about helping others and you have the educational training in mental and behavioral health, call us!  View our employment opportunities below or reach out to our HR team to discover what is available at SCCS and how you can help others.

Areas of Mental Health Therapy

We Specialize In

If you have prior experience working with patients who are living with these conditions, contact us to learn more about joining the South Coast Community Services staff!

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The San Bernardino Wraparound Program

One of the mental health service programs South Coast Community Services provides to children and families in San Bernardino County is the Wraparound Program. Children referred to this program by local children and family services and the Department of Probation receive the support they need both in their homes and in their communities.

Staff members who help facilitate the Wraparound Program plan out the best ways for children to receive the care and mental health therapy

they need, all with the assistance of our:


Parent Partners


Clinicians to address necessary individual and family therapy needs


Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists


Academic Tutors


Bilingual Interpreters


And several other staff members

If your area(s) of expertise align with these areas, learn more about how you can get involved in our Wraparound Program to help community children grow healthily.

School Aged

Treatment Services

Individuals who are passionate about helping young children overcome and manage symptoms of mental health are encouraged to get involved in the School Aged Treatment Services (SATS) from SCCS. In situations where ADHD symptoms in kids, depression symptoms, and others are interfering with their academic performance, SATS team members provide the treatment and medication support needed; this is to ensure the child is set up for success as they move forward through school. Take control of your schedule and take advantage of flexible scheduling when you become a part of the SATS outreach team!

Success First

with South Coast Community Services

To provide as much mental health therapy support as possible to youth and teens who are at risk of losing placement, SCCS developed the Success First Program. This crisis stabilization program is designed to provide specialty mental health services to individuals within the foster care system, the juvenile justice system, and who are experiencing suspension or expulsion at school. It’s not uncommon for patients involved in Success First to experience teen anger, disordered eating, depression and anxiety, or ADHD symptoms — which is where our mental health services come in.

Being a part of this crisis stabilization program involves working with several other professionals, including an SCCS TBS coach, a family specialist, and a managing clinician; each role is centered around addressing different areas of a patient’s situation. Learn more about how you can be a life-changing member of Success First today!

Family Wrap Program

for Mental Health Services

South Coast Community Services is all about providing the mental health therapy and treatment young students need both at home and in an educational setting. Through our Family Wrap program, our organization builds working relationships with schools to ensure students have all their mental health needs met and are given ample opportunities to succeed. This program in Orange County and San Bernardino County is centered around providing treatment to youth and teens in California school districts who are living with and managing ADHD symptoms, signs of depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Join our multidisciplinary team where you’ll be supported by a managing clinician, parent partner, and a family specialist who all work together to support youth aged zero to 21. Take advantage of a full-time flexible working schedule and help break down barriers to mental health treatment in the community!

The TBS Program for

Teen Anger & Other Conditions

For child and teen patients, South Coast Community Services is always seeking additional help running and managing the TBS Program. Designed to provide behavioral outreach services to patients who may be at risk of losing placement in a home due to their maladaptive behavior or teen anger. The mission behind this mental health therapy program in Orange County and San Bernardino County is to ensure patients aged four to 21 who show signs of verbal or physical aggression or suicidal ideation receive the help they need. Help families ensure their children and foster children are given important mental health services by joining TBS now!

Student Assistance Program

& Mental Health Services

Covering another critical area of mental health wellness in young students, the Student Assistance Program assists with providing mental health therapy to students and running outreach programs for community education. Through South Coast Community Services, the gap is bridged between the community and easy access to various mental health services, including treatment for clinical depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, and more. The goal of the Student Assistance Program is to provide prevention and early intervention so young students can have a positive academic career, and parents and teachers have the resources they need. Learn more about how you can become a valuable member of this team!

The Orange County

Wrap Around Program

The Orange County Wrap Around Program from SCCS is designed to keep young children and teams within stable, home-like environments to ensure their future success. Working with Orange County Social Service agents, Orange County Probation, and the Healthcare Agency of Orange County, SCCS works with every member of the family units to ensure the child’s best interests are at the forefront. Our in-house service team of a parent partner, youth partner, care supervisor, and care coordinator work together to address any mental health therapy concerns and to help family bonds grow stronger. Discover how each member of the Orange County Wrap Around Program team helps families and become a part of this program today!

The Community

Wholeness & Enrichment Program

When it comes to providing early treatment of disordered eating, depression and anxiety, and suicidal ideation in teens and adults, SCCS offers the Community Wholeness & Enrichment Program (CWE). This program takes a community approach, addressing early signs of mental health conditions and providing the necessary assessments and treatment to secure a healthier future for the individual. Education regarding mental health therapy and mental health services is also a priority for our team members, running several prevention campaigns to spread awareness.

As a group focused entirely on prevention and early intervention, the CWE program from South Coast Community Services is always seeking new members to help both teens and adults. These positions can include Managing Clinicians, with a flexible work schedule and the ability to work one-on-one with clients in the home, school, or community. Learn more about how you can join CWE now to assist with these mental health services!

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Discover how you can make a change in the lives of youth and families in the California community by partnering with South Coast Community Services. Join one of our mental health service programs to make a difference!