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Executive Management Team

Ellen McGuirk: Chief Executive Officer

Gil Garcia, CPA: Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen Darling: Chief Operations Officer


Dr. Jen Luu: Intensive Care management and Wrap around services with community support and family finding resources

Jen Yang: Educational services, school-age treatment, and intervention programs

Suzette Toscano: Crisis response, eating disorders, intensive therapy, and interventions for children and youth, in-home services for school-aged youth

Derek Novida: Adult clinic outpatient programs and adult day care programs for mental health

Kathryn Miller: Quality assurance, compliance, clinical supervision, clinical training, and accreditation

Danielle Entin: Youth Wrap around programs for enhanced care management and community supports

Belem Zamora: Client Care Team Director

Amy Lynn Graves: License No. LMFT 100024. Individual, Couple, and Family therapy is designed to help ensure healthy relationships between family members.

Kathleen Schneider: Director of HR

San Bernardino County:

  • Outpatient mental health services for adults along with community resources and supports
  • Enhanced care management and wrap around services with community support and family finding resources  for youth and their families
  • Therapeutic Behavioral services for youth
  • Educational services, school-age treatment, and intervention programs
  • Crisis response, intensive therapy, and interventions for children, youth, and families
  • In-home services for school-aged youth
  • Intensive outpatient clinical services for eating disorders, suicide ideation, homicidal ideation, and psychiatric hospital discharge care
  • Step down care from psychiatric hospital services
  • Intensive outpatient  mental health therapy and groups
  • Adult mental health daycare

Orange County:

  • Outpatient mental health services youth
  • Residential care for mental health 24/7 for youth
  • Enhanced care management and wrap around services with community supports

South Coast Community Services (SCCS) is a leading provider of mental and behavioral health services in Southern California, dedicated to supporting individuals and families in their journey towards improved well-being. With more than 40 years of experience, SCCS has become a trusted resource for individuals of all ages, offering a wide range of services, including child counseling, family crisis support, anxiety, ADHD, and depression, to meet varying needs. Get started today.

Our Child Counseling Services

Child counseling is a vital service offered by SCCS. Children and adolescents often face unique challenges and may struggle with emotional, behavioral, or social issues. SCCS understands the importance of early intervention and provides specialized counseling services tailored to the needs of young individuals. With a team of caring and compassionate professionals, SCCS creates a safe and welcoming environment for children to express themselves and work towards positive mental health outcomes. 

We help over 5000 kids a year across all spectrums of needs. Child counseling sessions at SCCS address a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, behavioral issues, and social skill development. Our experienced counselors utilize evidence-based approaches and techniques to promote healing, growth, and resilience in children. We work closely with parents, guardians, and other professionals involved in the child's care to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative approach to treatment.

child smiling at blurry therapist


Mental Health Services

In addition to child counseling, SCCS offers comprehensive mental health services for individuals of all ages. These services encompass assessment, diagnosis, therapy, medication management, and case management. SCCS has a team of highly qualified mental health professionals, including psychologists, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists, who provide evidence-based and individualized treatments to support individuals on their journey toward mental well-being.

Family Crisis Support

Furthermore, SCCS recognizes the importance of addressing the unique needs of each individual and their families. They offer family therapy, where the focus is on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and fostering healthy relationships within the family unit. This approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of individuals within their family system and the impact it has on their mental health.

Intensive Care Coordination Program

SCCS also provides specialized services for individuals with more severe mental health conditions. Our intensive treatment programs offer a high level of support and structure for individuals who may require more intensive care. These programs provide a therapeutic environment and comprehensive services to promote stability, recovery, and empowerment.

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Girl at meeting with psychologist

Why Choose SCCS?

We've been around since 1984, and we've built a strong reputation for providing exceptional mental and behavioral health services. Our longevity is a testament to our commitment to the well-being of our clients and our ability to adapt and meet the changing needs of the community. SCCS continually updates our mental health therapies and practices to align with the latest evidence-based approaches, ensuring that individuals receive the highest quality care.

Prevention & Community

In addition to their expertise in counseling and treatment, SCCS also places a strong emphasis on prevention and community outreach. We offer educational programs and resources to raise awareness about mental health issues and provide support to schools, community organizations, and families. SCCS actively works towards reducing stigma and increasing access to mental health services for all individuals in the community.


When it comes to mental and behavioral health services, South Coast Community Services is a trusted and reliable choice. Our dedication to providing individualized and evidence-based treatments, including child counseling, anger management, and eating disorder therapies, sets us apart. With more than 40 years of experience and a commitment to the well-being of our clients, SCCS continues to make a positive impact in Orange and San Bernardino Counties, helping individuals and families navigate the challenges of mental health and experience improved overall wellness. Contact us today!

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