Parent Resources

Mental Health Resources Crafted For Parents

You want the best for your children, but the juggling act of trying to take care of them, while also trying to provide them with the stability they need, can be exhausting.

Luckily, there are resources available for both their mental health and wellbeing to make this process easier for everyone involved. We at South Coast Community Services know that many families have a hard time finding the right services for their kids to work through issues like mental health. We can help you and your family by providing resources and opportunities. From counseling to advanced therapy, we have everything you need in one place. Connect with us today so we can get started helping your children become remarkable young people with amazing futures ahead of them.

Mental Health

Children often struggle with their mental health, and as their parents, you want to help them as much as possible. You may not know where or how to start when it comes to finding the right types of therapies that can address these issues in an effective manner for your child. We will pair you with licensed therapists and counselors who have experience working with children so they get the necessary attention required to resolve their mental health problems.


Vision and Health Care

You're in luck. We have a whole team of experts who can assist you with finding affordable and accessible healthcare for your children, from vision to counseling to basic checkups! Our specialists will work hard so that no need goes unmet — just let us know exactly which services are needed, and we can find a provider that can work for you.


Religious Services

When you're dealing with a mental health issue, finding religious guidance can be crucial. We have resources to connect you and provide support from amazing clergy members who are there for whatever your needs may be. Finding spiritual healing through faith can be a great way for your family to find comfort and to get assistance with the problems happening in your lives.

If your child is struggling in school, our team can get you connected with qualified and knowledgeable tutors who will work to improve their academic performance. No more spending time on homework each night! Let us help by finding a tutor who makes learning easy for them so they have less stress when trying new material or just needing some extra support overall — we have it covered, no matter what the issue may be.


Food Banks and Homeless Shelters

There are a number of food banks in Orange County and San Bernardino that we can refer you to. They offer programs for people who need help getting nutritious meals on the table.  Don't wait another day —- there's no reason why every family should struggle through life feeling hungry anymore when we can provide you with amazing resources.

In addition, if you need a place to stay, we can help you find a room in a shelter. With many shelters to choose from, we can help you find a place where you and your family feel comfortable and safe and have a warm bed for the night.


We know that there are many people in need of help and support. South Coast Community Services wants to be able to serve them all, from the individual to the family unit. We do everything in our power to help you. Help improve the health and lives of your children by getting them access to essential services today and contact us to see how we can assist your family.