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Woman talking to therapist during initial consultation

4 Questions to Ask a Potential Therapist

By madwire / October 31, 2021

Addressing your mental health illness and deciding to seek a mental health therapist is a brave choice. However, to let the therapy deliver its results, you need to ensure you choose the right therapist for you. The South Coast Community Services recommend asking a few crucial questions to your potential therapist to know if they…

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friend helping friend with anxiety

What To Do If You Suspect Someone In Your Life is Suicidal

By madwire / October 29, 2021

Severe mental illnesses can push people to have suicidal thoughts. If your loved ones show symptoms of being suicidal, it can be upsetting. While discussing it can be difficult, you need to prevent them from reaching a point of suicidal crisis. In this blog, South Coast Community Services advises us on the action we can…

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